Episode 5 - I Guess This Is The Magic Leap Episode


After briefly recounting their experiences at TechCrunch Disrupt ’18 SF and a new micro-amusement park called Two Bit Circus, hosts Brian Mullins and Nick Sherman explore this week’s design principle as they unbox and experience a Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.  Nick loves the 3d sound of the device and compares it to the binaural nature sound recordings profiled in his documentary about Gordon Hempton while Brian comments that “sound is haptic feedback for your emotion.” After a helpful description of the difference between tracking and mapping, Brian delights in showing Nick what happens when he stands in front of his AR menus.  They briefly discuss the 80’s hit by Aha, Take On Me, and the role it might play in an upcoming release by Magic Leap.  They don’t do drugs while experiencing Tonandi, but they do take the headset outside to see how it performs in direct sunlight.  Finally, they discuss Palmer Luckey’s and others’ negative reviews of the device and why it’s important to focus on experience instead of technology.