Episode 4 - The Movie Episode


We reveal another Design Principle and explain it by taking the listener through the history of augmented reality as seen in the movies. Along the way, we discuss why the famous scene in Minority Report isn't AR but if it were it would have have benefitted from micro gestures. We celebrate Iron Man's amazing HUD and discuss why cognitive load might be a factor if it were ever used by a normal person. We look for the first example of AR in cinematic history, and find it in an almost forgotten cartoon from the 50's. Then we take a look at Kingsmen and Brian tells us how color affects Field of View. Later, Mike introduces Creative Control and we explain why accurate representations of Field of View are nearly impossible to do in the movies. Finally, Nick gets film-schooly and talks about what he means when he refers to a 3rd Person POV shot.  Oh, and we also talk about The Bionic Man, Robocop, They Live, and Black Mirror.